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Internacional Shipping Agency and Port Operators Ltd is a traditional company in the area of port services one of the leading the rankings for handling general cargoes in the ports of Salvador, Aratu, Ilhéus and Vitória at Pier Capuaba.

Internacional Vix

Ports operator for general
The port operator activities involve the receipt of cargo at the port, your drive in port facilities and the effective loading vessel (as opposed to imports). We operate in several product segments such as cellulose, copper, granite, pine, bulk cargoes, etc.. Quality and productivity are our main goals and our customers have seen significant results in the total cost of operations, which contribute significantly to the product arrives at its respective market with more competitive prices.

Shipping agent
A rapid and efficient scale of a vessel is a critical component for a profitable operation. Known in the market since 1988, the International prides itself in offering high quality, performed by a staff highly trained that he is able to offer a first line of assistance to any vessel and / or operation.

Customs Clearance
Assessorial pay and performance in the process of importing and exporting in all types of shipping (sea, air and land). With agility and safety, conducts for its clients the service of customs clearance in almost all Brazilian ports and airports, offering a range of integrated solutions and comprehensive, through processes certified by ISO 9001:2000.

Supply to Ships
Based on extensive experience, knowledge and high quality of products offered, plus a service to owners and clients, facilitating the stay of ships carrying food supplies and other items. The service, reliability and price competitiveness, lets continue with this international segment.

Stuffing Container
We offer a specialized service of stuffing that ensures maximum quality on the condition of the load, carrying dunnage cargo when needed and reduced the risk during transport. The same care and attention are devoted import cargoes.

The cargo transportation is the link between the port and the factory of the importer / exporter. Its efficiency and determining the proper performance of operations. The International also operates in this market segment to provide a complete service to meet the specialized needs of our customers.

  • Port operator for general, bulk and project cargoes, cargo handling in containers;
  • Warehousing, bonded warehouses;
  • International sea, air and land transportations, shipping agents, brokerage, custom brokers, domestic haulage, ship supplier.


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